Is play user centered work?

maandag 24 augustus 2015

Gaming is an attitude as we discussed in my previous post, but it is also a process. So if we design it right could play replace work? I think it can and it will.
In her brilliant book "Reallity is Broken" game designer Jane Mcgonigal talks about how our processes in the real world can learn from games. If we can tap from the motivation games give us there would be a lot less boring and unforfilling work. This is true, but not easy. Gamification efforts over the last few years have failed to do what they promised because they where not created as games but Skinners-boxes. Where people were seen as simple button pushers that will repeat an action if you give them worthless points or badges. 
This is not the promise that games hold. They give us a positive human image of a motivated challenge oriented player. Who will do stuff because the process and flow he is in gives him so much satisfaction that he will meet any challenge that is thrown his way. This is not easy, it will take effort and dedication to cater to the player. If we succeed on the other hand, there is the possibility of a world that motivates you instead of asking you to bring it to the table

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