Lens #2: Behaviour grid

vrijdag 3 juni 2016

In the last post we considered your life as a design project. If there was something in your life you wanted to redesign it will most likely be a behaviour. If it is a thought you wanted to design we will get to that latter. So how can we think about behaviour. BJ Fogg a professor at Stanford has created the behaviour grid. It is a model think more clearly about behaviour change.
At the top are the kinds of behaviours:
  •  Green : This is new behaviour
  •  Blue : Do familiar behaviour 
  •  Purple: Increase behaviour in intensity or duration
  •  Grey: Decrease behaviour in intensity or duration
  •  Black: Stop behaviour
On the sides is how much you want to do the behaviour:
  •  Dot: It is done for a time
  •  Span: It is done for a period of time
  •  Path: It is done from now on
You can see that different behaviours life on different places on the grid. A "Green Dot" behaviour needs a different approach than a "Black Path". You do not even have to sort it out yourself. You can use the Behaviour Wizard to see where your behaviour lives on the behaviour grid.

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