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vrijdag 18 maart 2011

For my new media new technology project I created a physical facebook. This as a tribute to physical messages and steam punk. My inspiration for this project cam from several sources.


I love the idea of steampunk to imagine a universe with the same technology as we have in our own world but created in a steam era world. I like it so much that I dedicated my first blogpost ever to it. As I got to know more about steampunk I still liked the idea but didn't like how most of it was created. A lot of people just take a product put a wood and coper cage around it and done you made yourself something steampunk. It is fine to see it just as a nice way of decorating stuff but I like it better if it is also in the concept. The project you see a image of below for example. This is a phone created by Arthur Schmitt. The phone doesn't have buttons but is controlled with punch card. So you take the steampunk idea al the way into the concept.

Picture 1. The steampunk punch card phone by Arthur Schmitt

The tweenbot is a cardboard robot that only can drive forward it can't steer. It must rely on other people helping it get to the location it is intended to go. A flag tells you where it wants to go.

The project

My project had as a concept to create a physical Facebook. The project consist of two part one part that delivers the physical messages friends requests and a Facebook where you can store messages and have your personal profile.

The delivery system
The cart has two sides one with the wall for public messages. The other is a envelope you can put private messages and friends request in. You can be sure that this isn't read by putting on a wax seal. The has the same construction as the tweenbot. It can only drive forward. It must rely on the kindness of others to get to its destination. As others move the car they can see the public wall post they can like or comment on it. In this way you can make the service work. People want to know the message so they pick up the cart and sent it into the right direction.

Picture 2. The cart that deliverers the facebook messages top-view. At the left side the wall for public messages. At the right side the message envelop for personal messages

Picture 3. The cart that deliverers the facebook messages front-view

The Facebook
Inside the Facebook you have your personal page with how many friends you have.You can put important messages inside. This makes them able to survive the centuries. Also this contains the Friend Requests. At the back of every Friend Request is the adres of the person who sent so you can sent a friend accept back.

Picture 4. The personal Facebook closed

Picture 5. The Facebook opened. Your personal profile with profile information and the number of friends

Picture 6. The Facebook opened with all your personal messages.

Picture 7. All the messages you can send from left to right Comments, Messages, Pokes, Friend Accept, Blank and Friend Request?

Picture 8. A friend Accept front view

Picture 9. A friend Accept back view with adres

Project done by Mathijs van Meerkerk

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